I'm Michelle, the girl behind the camera! Hi :) I am very much an old fashioned girl with my family at heart. I got married in 2013, how we met is my little love story! I love being a wife and mum. I have 3 children who keep me very busy! If I am not playing with them, you will find me editing photos or reading well being books.

Anything to do with people I'm there! Not only do I specialise in weddings and portrait photography, I also photograph christenings and believe it or not funerals.

I also take nursery photos at pre schools, which I love. Plus teenage girlie parties with my glitzy backdrop. Plus making familes happy at older Birthday parties and Wedding Anniversaries. Nothings nicer than seeing familes together and smiling. I also believe we don't get dressed up often enough, so feel it's important to have a professional photographer at your special event.

Mark the occasion with a special photo or canvas, maybe an album or simply a USB to print as you please.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss your needs
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